Went and checked out Steampunk University in Seattle this past weekend.  It was held at the Museum of History and Industry.  What a perfect setting and what a great time!

Goggles are a required part of the dress...

Hello World!

I have my tin foil hat on....

Hip hip hip hooray!
Now I am protected from their mind controlling  rays.

 I  went  to  a tin foil hat party. 

The "tin foil hat"  is designed to shield one from the mind controlling powers of government aliens or whatever you think is apt to take control of your mind.. So you can just imagine who attended this party!  And why some didn't want their  photo taken...much less published online!

Some were  baseball caps covered with foil.   Some were absolutely fabulous and creative with moving parts and flashing lights.

Take a look at the winners...  but please pay no attention to the bad photography.... it was a party!!!  I don't know what happen. 


Choo!  Choo!   train actually motored around the track on the hat

Trains, Tops hats and Tea Cups.... Oh My!!

More party revelers
One had little horsey's running around her brim.

A closer look at the top hat.  
The black dot under the face is a voice detector and the hat would repeat what ever you said and lights would flash.
Way cool!!
What a smiley face

The tea cup hat had lights in the bottom shining up on the feather spray
and delicate blue veiling.  

It was all just too much fun.

More texture...

the properties held and sensations caused by the external surface of objects received 
through the sense of touch
I like the "look" of texture.

Since I can't leave well enough alone.  I have to share more of the beautiful straw weaves.

Pretty amazing stuff. 

I'm impressed.
                                                                                                                     Classic Black and White

Love this one.


Summer is coming.  Yeah!!!  I am ready for the sun!
In anticipation of  warm weather and summer art shows I ordered a variety of natural straw hat bodies to dye and shape into summer hats. 
I was taken by the amazing variety of textures. .....
The colors of the natural straw. .....
The beautiful weaves.... 
So I took some pictures.
 and then some more pictures. 
Enlarge the pictures for a really good look!

They are hand woven in exotic places ..... South America, Japan, the Philippine Islands, Africa, Asia, Ecuador 

The straws...Sisal, toquilla, jute, raffia, sinamay, seagrass, toyo, visca, rush, buntal, hemp.... there are more.

They are all woven by hand... one at a time. It takes years of hat weaving practice to master the techniques of weaving straw hats.

 The length of time it takes can vary from a few hours for an economical straw hat to several months for an expensive extra-fino straw hat.  Meaning--you get what you pay for in straw hat world.

There are less and less skilled weavers in the world today as nations progress and the younger generations lose interest.